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Work Permits for Experts and Specialists

About Us

According to the Foreign Workers Law (1991), any foreign (non-Israeli) citizen must have a valid permit to work in Israel.

This regulation also applies to foreign citizens who are not required to obtain a tourist visa before landing in Israel.

A “Foreign Expert” is a worker who possesses skills and knowledge or unique expertise not available in Israel.

Permits Experts specializes in obtaining work permits for “foreign experts” providing critical services to Israeli industries.

Since 2012, we have provided customers with a full range of services including: collection of required documents, application to relevant authorities, Work Permit receipt, and affixing the Work Visa to experts’ passports.

Who Needs a Work Visa?

• Any foreign expert or specialist arriving to work by invitation.

• Any foreign expert or specialist arriving to work as part of a warranty agreement.

• Regulations also apply to citizens of countries exempt from obtaining a tourist visa prior to arriving in Israel.

An “Expert/Specialist” is defined according to the following categories:

• Executive manager/senior representative of a foreign or international company

• Senior staff member of an international airline or shipping company

• University lecturer or researcher

• Healthcare worker – specialist or expert

• Diamond dealer

• Foreign photographer or correspondent

• Foreign artists

• Foreign Experts – proven to possess high level expert knowledge, or skills essential to the employer that are not available locally in Israel

Options Available for Experts


Short Term Visa – up to 45 days per calendar year


Visa up to 3 months


Visa for 1 year


For all visas, “multiple entry” permission may be applied.

Visa Issuing Process

Collect documents proving the expert’s unique knowledge/skills and justifying their work in Israel.

Submit documentation to Israeli authorities.

Receive Work Permit.

Stamp Work Visa in expert’s passport.

* In urgent cases, the visa can be stamped after the expert’s arrival in Israel

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